Sometimes I think that the importance of a makeup artist to a photo shoot is often overlooked.  Many times I see model portfolios where the pictures are missing professional makeup and hair.  Without professional makeup and hair pictures look incomplete.  If you really want to take your portfolio to the next level it is important to have a complete team. 

I understand models want to save a buck, often at the expense of professional makeup, hair, and sometimes even photographers. What I really want new models to understand is that you have to pay for quality.  You are only as strong as your team.  Makeup is a vital part of any photo shoot, and it is obvious when you do it yourself or have an unqualified friend do it for you.  I think it is pretty safe to say the cover model of Italian Vogue did not bring her friend along to do her makeup.

I have even heard some photographers say that they prefer no makeup because they like to photo shop it themselves.  Photo-shopped makeup looks just like it sounds…very unnatural.  Good makeup artists actually save the photographer lots of time in post production.  Why would I, the photographer, want to spend all that time adding makeup in photo shop and fixing flaws and imperfections when a makeup artist can do that for you?

Here are just a few of the reasons why makeup artists are such an important part of the photo shoot process.

1.  It looks professional:  Shoots with no professional makeup scream amateur.  Having professional makeup artist for your photo shoot adds quality to the image.

2. Professional Knowledge:  Professional MUA’s have the product knowledge to know what products will work on camera.  There is a difference between every day makeup and professional quality makeup used on camera.  A makeup artist should also know what product will work best with a models skin type.

3.  Skills:  Makeup artists have the talent and knowledge to create a multitude of looks from classic beauty to fantasy.

4.  Complete the team:  Makeup artist are part of the creative team.  They collaborate with everyone involved to create the perfect makeup look that compliments the entire shoot concept.

5.  Product Selection:  Makeup artists know what products to use and have a nice selection to work from so they can achieve many different looks.

6.  Models will feel pampered:  Models, getting your makeup professionally done is a great experience. It can help you soothe nerves if you are new to modeling, and its part of the photo shoot process.

7.  Experience:  Makeup artists are experienced in creating different looks, working with different products, and working on different skin types and ethnicities.  Professional makeup artists know the tricks of the trade.

8.  Make editing easier: Makeup artists can seriously cut back on editing time.  Makeup artists can even out skin tone, hide circles and puffy eyes, cover redness, and hide other flaws and imperfections.

Look At You ATL recommends one of two options:

1. Research and hire a professional MUA/hair stylist on your own.

2. Hire our professional MUA/hair stylist at our special rate of $125 for one look, $150 for two looks and $175 for three looks which includes full make up makeover and hair styling (highly recommended option).

Model that got her make up done by a professional MUA (make up artist)

Same model that decided it was okay to try to do her own make up - big difference right?

One way to build a great portfolio is to work with a professional Makeup Artist (MUA).  The right MUA with the right skills, this can boost your business and bring you much more work.

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