A comp card (also called composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card.

Comp cards have been around for many years as the essential marketing tool for a model and are likely to retain this standing because they are an inexpensive way to effectively and professionally showcase a model's ability. Composite cards are used on three major levels—they are used by models, agents and the agent's clients.

Look At You ATL
has had the privilege to work with many successful models and actors as well as with new talent building their portfolio. We photograph models, actors and talent of all ages in Orlando area, Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, and beyond. If you are an established model and want to update your modeling portfolio, or if you are an actor entering the industry and need new professional photos, contact Arrow Studio for a comp card photography session or headshot photography session. Besides a photography session we can also print your Comp Card, Zed Cards or Headshot Cards and deliver them to your address.

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Additional Optional Services

- Composite Card (Comp Card Design): $50 each