Tyra Showing How to smile with eyes

beyonce showing how to do multiple facials

I always say look at the camera as if it were a person. Convey emotion with your expression, tell a story on your face, make me wonder what you're thinking.

Working with new models, so much of the editing process is finding a combination of good composition and a decent expression. I work with new talents to avoid doing looks like they are just smiling to the camera or have no depth to their expression.

Look At You ATL's photographer, Adonis Asante (me), is a  great director and will be able to coach you through this. I've worked with many models who have told me that that I was unique in that I actually direct the talent. I ask them what other photographers they work with do and they say they just keep clicking the camera. Sounds painful to me.

As far as "poses" go it's really up to what you're shooting. Catalog fashion is a big posing affair. Catalog models go from one pose to another and it's click, click, click. But they're selling clothes not atmosphere. I always tell new models to think of it more like a video. You need to keep moving and not wait for me to click. You need to play a role that isn't bracketed by frames. So for example as a commercial or "lifestyles" model it's not at all about posing but acting while being conscious of your body.

Lose your inhibitions.

Look at it this way -- I, the photographer, am like the conductor of an orchestra.  You, the model, are the musician.  No matter how good the conductor may be, the musician must be adept at utilizing their instrument -- their body.  Since I am a great conductor I will be able to pull a better performance out of an inexperienced musician.

Some photographers haven't got a clue -- they just shoot and get lucky now and then (or not!). I like to pride myself as being truly gifted at drawing out the best of my subjects. 

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