Before Your Photography Session

Prior to meeting on the day of your Look At You ATL photography session, we’ll schedule a phone consultation to get to know one another and discuss your specific photographic needs.  During your phone consult we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us.  We’ll chat about our shared artistic goals as well as what you’d like to have as your end result from your shoot, including your preference for printed fine art products versus digital images.  

We’ll collaborate in advance to make sure we capture the moments you’ll treasure for years to come.  As your Look At You ATL photographer, being a creative powerhouse is absolutely essential.  Ultimately, we want you to come away from your photography experience knowing with confidence that your session was completely one-of-a-kind and original.  From our very first conversation we will become a brainstorming team, uniting to make sure your unique style, personality and passions are reflected in every one of your photographs.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any creative ideas or inspirations that you’d like to try out during your photography session.  Together we’ll plan your outfits, color-scheme and a location for your photo shoot.  Since our style of photography is natural, relaxed and photo-journalistic, it’s incredibly important that we select an activity or location for your photography session that brings out your inner superstar.

During Your Photography Session

A Look At You ATL photography session is never high-pressure or stressful.  We are all very laid back and won’t make you feel you need to perform; all that’s required of you is a positive attitude and a willingness to follow our lead. That’s it. You just have to be yourself and enjoy the moment!  Easy, right?!

Throughout your photography session we may move you a bit here or there in order to make sure we are getting the right angles and the best light. We are going to make sure you look your very best before snapping the shutter button!

So just relax, be yourself and allow your Look At You ATL photographer to take care of everything else.  We’ll make certain your photography session results in innovative, artistic and beautiful professionally retouched photographs that you will have an emotional connection to, forever.

After your Photography Session

After your Look At You ATL photography session I’ll take about 1.5 weeks to look over every single image captured during your photo shoot.  We are very careful with our photo selection process and we spend hours retouching and enhancing your best photographs so that you will receive the highest quality end results possible. Although we always do detailed retouching of your images, we’ll ensure that you still look like you! Our pet peeve as professional photographers are photos in which the subjects look overly-retouched, unnatural or plastic, or fake.  We promise that our natural subtle enhancement of your images will leave you looking the very best possible authentic version of yourself!

After we have finished processing and retouching your photographs to perfection, you’ll be provided with high-resolution digital files which you will download from an online viewing gallery. You and your loved ones will have the ability to place orders for any printed fine art products you may want via your gallery, if you’d like.


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Whatever your needs are be it business, casual, intimate, memorable, fun and/or personal, Look At You ATL will exceed your expectations and provide you with the type of pictures, video footage, graphics, prints and/or website design that you have always wanted. We proudly service the entire Metro Atlanta, GA area. 

If requested and for an additional price, Look At You ATL can provide you with a professional make up and hair stylist for your photo shoot. Rates typically start at $125 for the first look and $90 for each additional look(s). If you have questions about these or any other of or services, please call (800) 910-1833 ext. 2.

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