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This is a quick guide to help you get ready for your photo shoot, whether it's for a family portrait or something a bit more intimate! It's been written to help you get the most out of your photo shoot and to help get the images you really want.


The big question is always “what shall I wear?” well, that depends on what type of shoot you want, and is probably easier to answer with what NOT to wear!

AVOID solid black or solid white as these do not always print up well. Unless the fabric has textured detail, it can look like a block of colour on the printed photo, making you look shapeless and putting weight on you where you don’t actually have it at all. Probably not the look you're after!

If you are a little more curvy than you would like, go for plain dark fabrics (preferably not black though) with longer sleeves and a v-neck or sweetheart-type neckline.

For the ladies, high heels will help make your legs look longer, but they will also help to tighten and lift your bum... without the need for surgery or Photoshop!

Also avoid very large and busy prints. They can distract the eye from your face and all your best features by completely dominating the shot. Cartoon t-shirts are cute, but we want you to look cute, not your tee!!!

DO wear something that is comfortable and allows you to move around without restricting you and without rumpling up too much.

Think about the style of shots you want…

If you want a family portrait to show your gran, does she want to see you in your frillies?

If you want a glamour shot, wear the clothes that make you feel glamorous and sexy. If you feel uncomfortable or shy in something, it will show in the photos.

For glamour shoots and intimate portraits, it’s a good idea to have a few choices where you can start off in your comfortable clothes and perhaps get more daring as you relax and start to enjoy the shoot, but...

A very important tip for anyone wanting glamour shots or intimate portraits is to avoid wearing tight clothing (including bras and socks) for at least 2 hours before the shoot, as these will leave marks on your skin.

If you still can’t decide, get in touch with, Look at You ATL (800) 910-1833 ext. 2, and we will talk you through your own personal shoot and what will work best for you.

Don’t worry, just be yourself!


Again, this will depend on the look you want to achieve. Many people look fantastic without any make-up, or with just a bit of mascara and a lip balm. Others like to be really creative with make-up, especially for head shots and dramatic portraits.

What to AVOID:

Be careful with lip gloss as studio lights will reflect off it and cause glare. A lip balm or moisture-rich lipstick will work well, but if you really want the shiny wet-look, then just use a thin application of lip gloss.

Avoid really glittery eye shadows UNLESS you are going for bold, daring creations with false eyelashes, gemstones, etc.

Sometimes it is often a good idea to come with minimal make-up on, or no make-up at all, but to bring your cosmetics with you and build it up as you go along. If requested, for an additional fee, I can have one of my own make-up artists at the studio.

Models wishing to build a portfolio should start with no make-up at all. Many agencies require a fresh-faced, make-up free head shot before they want to see your portfolio.


The biggest problem people have in front of a camera is usually what to do with their hands. The best answer is anything except leaving them hanging down at your sides!!

If you are wearing jeans or anything with pockets, hands look great just lightly resting on the pocket, perhaps looping your thumb in and leaving the fingers out. Avoid shoving your hands in or tugging down at your clothes though as this can look awkward...unless it is done deliberately. Adonis will guide you as to how to do this, but practice in front of a mirror and see what looks good and what doesn’t.

If you are wearing a dress or a skirt, or even nothing at all then you still have plenty of options. You can rest a hand on your hip, or both hands on both hips; you can wrap your arms round your waist, across your chest, up by your head…anywhere really apart from hanging down at the sides! Again, Adonis will help you and direct you.

Avoid flat angles… flat hands, straight arms, straight legs, body and face straight on to the camera. A slight tilt of the head, bend at the elbow, curve of the fingers, etc all helps to create nice flowing lines and curves that are far more visually appealing and that enhance your own natural beauty.

Obviously your photographer will also help with this, but look at photos of yourself and also of people in magazines and adverts. Look at the shapes they create with their bodies and see how nearly everyone looks better when they’re not straight on and standing straight up to the camera.

Your photographer will guide you with poses and will help you to get the most flattering and most natural looks to get you the images that you really want, so do listen to him and try to follow his directions, even if you think it's ridiculous!

If you have any physical restrictions that limit what poses you can do, please let your photographer know before you start! If something hurts, tell me, and stop doing it!!


By all means use any props you want, so long as they are safe to use around the studio lights and around other people!  Props can be anything from candy, balloons and publications to veils, flowers, cuddly toys or even wigs and body art.

Get the best out of your photo shoot

Let the real you shine through!